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Fresh off The Hollywood Fringe Festival...

"It’s a must see Musical event!"

-Certified Fringe Reviewer

"If you love Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or you’ve ever been in a situationship, you’ll connect with this show."

-Certified Fringe Reviewer


"Musical Fleabag"



You ever want to sit in on someone's therapy session? How about a Musical one?

Maria lets you in on hers -taking a journey through her most entertaining misfortune: her love life - navigating screens, vulnerability, New York City, and why she can't have a "normal" dating life like everyone else.


"If this was howtherapy actually was,I'd go more often."

"A vulnerable and heartfelt, witty and beautiful journey via stories and music through Maria Bartolotta’s intimate and universally challenging personal life. Most of all, her singing voice is out of this world and not to be missed! Or unheard! Laughter, music, catharsis – it’s all there.   Highly Recommended"
-Richard Lucas, Asylum Judge

Alexa Young, CA

Mobile Camera

Be a Part of The Growth!

Most Theaters and Doctor's Offices ask you to stay off your phones - we want the opposite! Take 'em out, capture as much of Maria's Mania as you'd like, and post it to socials using #IveGrownPlentyThanks - you could even be featured in the next show!

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  1. Without Love You Can Save the World / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/ Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen

  2. Self Esteem / Garfunkel and Oates / Kate Ann Micucci and Riki Landhome

  3. (In some performances) Someone Is Waiting / Company / Stephen Sondheim 

  4. (In some performances) When He Sees Me / Waitress / Sara Bareilles

  5. The Darkness / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Rachel Bloom, Adam Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen

  6. Memory Parody / Cats / Andrew Lloyd Weber, T. Nunn and T.S. Eliot

  7. Lovesick / Women On The Verge of A Nervous Breakdown / David Yazbek

  8. You Go First / Garfunkel and Oates / Kate Ann Micucci and Riki Landhome

  9. (In Some Performances) Hurricane Parody / Hamilton / Lin-Manuel Miranda

  10. He Touched Me / Barbra Streisand / Ira Levin and Milton Schafer

  11. Oh My God I Think I Like You / Crazy Ex-Girlfriend / Rachel Bloom, Adame Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen

  12. The 1 / Folklore / Taylor Swift and Aaron Dessner

  13. What the F**k? / If/Then / Brian Yorkey and Tom Kitt

  14. Help/Being Alive / Jessica Vosk / John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Stephen Sondeim

Special Thanks To:

Jenn. My real-life therapist and best audience.

Jon & Stephanie Butts / Promo Photos & Creative Development

Remoy Philip / Creative Development

Rob Kapeller / Creative Development

Lauren Kosteski / Graphic Design & Digital Media

Leah Schultz / Accompanist & Music Production

Gemma Smith / VO Artist

Some of the screen shots used in this production are actual shots, while others are recreated from Maria's memory.  

Show Images Disclaimer

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